Kitchen Garden Program

Mt Eliza Primary School is one of over 500 primary schools across Australia that incorporates the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program into the curriculum. Since 2009, Mt Eliza Primary School has embraced the Foundations philosophy of ‘Growing, Harvesting, Preparing and Sharing.’ It aims to give our children the capability and experience to grow their own foods and the skills and desire to create healthy and delicious meals from fresh seasonal produce.

Our school has established vegetable gardens and a beautiful purpose built school kitchen and dining area specifically designed for the Kitchen Garden Program. All students from grades three, four, five and six participate in weekly cooking and gardening sessions for one term in the kitchen and garden each year. Over four years they are able to experience the different seasons and subsequent changes to the garden, reflecting in the types of produce that then is used in the cooking classes. Involvement by students over this period reinforces the skills, techniques and philosophies of the Program which is further built upon in future years.

The Program is a holistic approach to learning in a safe and unpressured environment. Core curriculum subjects such as mathematics, science, reading and comprehension are naturally occurring in kitchen and garden ‘classroom.’ The positive nature of the program gives every child the opportunity to shine and results in students developing new confidence, skills and independence. In many cases this translates in positive changes at home too. The students are very proud of the delicious meals that they create and many previous dislikes become likes as a result! Children develop an understanding and appreciation of healthy food choices and their origins, and learn how it impacts directly on both their short and long term health.

Volunteers are integral to the success of all classes and parent and community participation is welcomed in the kitchen and garden. We actively seek and encourage community partnerships to help support us and we look forward to hearing from any business wishing to become involved with the Mt Eliza Primary School Kitchen Garden Program.


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