Our wonderful Library is timetabled for every grade in the school to use for one hour per week. During this time the children browse, borrow, learn library skills and research using a variety of sources. Our library has a wide range of books in both Fiction and Non-Fiction and is kept in an orderly manner by our Librarian and student Library Leaders.

The library is also open three lunch times during the week, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 1.45 to 2.15pm, for children to browse, relax and read.

What’s New!

This section of the Library is very popular with the children. The new books are displayed for a week, so all grades have the opportunity to view “What’s New”. This has proved to be a great way to enthuse the children and leave them dangling for more, when the blurb or first chapter is read.

Children’s Book Week

For Children’s Book Week last year we had a visit from a famous Australian author and storyteller, Connah Brecon. He entertained us all with his hilarious stories and wonderful drawings.

We enjoyed his storytelling and some were lucky enough to go out the front and draw with him. He showed us his illustration techniques that he uses in his stories.

He read one of his new stories to be published soon. They are funny and very entertaining.