Literacy involves speaking, listening, reading, writing and thinking within a cultural context. It enables the user to recognise and select language appropriate to different situations. Effective language development occurs when students are actively using their literacy skills. A positive teaching style which is informed, responsible, timely and carefully directed in a way to promote further language use, intellectual stimulation and cognitive risk taking is encouraged throughout the School.

At Mt Eliza Primary School we use THRASS as an explicit phoneme- grapheme awareness teaching method that helps learners to understand the building blocks of our language.

THRASS is a whole school program for teaching learners about reading and spelling, that is, 44 phonemes (speech sounds) of spoken English and graphemes (spelling choices) of written English. It is a logical, linguistically sound, way to teach phonological awareness at the “word level”. In the classrooms we are using the THRASS PICTURECHART and the related THRASS GRAPHEMECHART to provide concrete whole picture focal points related to the 44 phonemes and the graphs (one-letter- spelling-choices), digraphs (two-letter-spelling-choices) and trigraphs (three-letter-spelling-choices) of English.