CAFÉ Reading at MEPS

At MEPS we use CAFÉ Reading. CAFE is an acronym that organises the four major components of reading:

C for Comprehension – understanding the meaning of a text and linking it to what is already known

A for Accuracy – decoding or reading words correctly

F for Fluency – reading accurately, smoothly and with expression

E for Expanding Vocabulary – noticing, understanding and using new and interesting words

Your child will learn reading strategies within each category. These strategies will become tools they apply to help them become better readers.

Once children have built their reading stamina, they will work on CAFÉ strategies as they regularly engage in these research-based modes of reading:

  • Read to self
  • Listen to reading
  • Read to someone

While students are engaged in these tasks, their teacher will be working with small groups and individuals, so everyone can get the targeted instruction they need to reach their full reading potential.




VOICES Writing at MEPS

In 2018 staff at MEPS undertook an extensive investigation into our approach to teaching writing. Based on feedback from students, staff and parents, as well as evidence-based best teaching practice, from 2019 our writing program focuses on specific writing traits.

VOICES is the acronym for six traits that lead to success in writing:

V for Voice – the personal tone and flavour of the author’s message

O for Organisation – the structure of the piece

I for Ideas – the main message

C for Conventions – the mechanics of writing such as spelling, punctuation and grammar

E for Excellent Word Choice – the wonderful vocabulary a writer chooses to convey meaning

S for Sentence fluency – the rhythm and flow of the language

Traditionally, writing programs have focused upon organisation and conventions (you may recall this from your own schooling). It is now recognised that in order to produce great writing students must explicitly learn all six writing traits. At MEPS we will learn and practise VOICES through a range of writing genres.

Literacy Support

At Mt Eliza Primary School we are proud to run a Literacy Support program by an expert classroom teacher. It is designed to provide extra assistance to students to improve their reading and writing skills. Classroom teachers work in conjunction with the Literacy Support teacher to develop individual learning plans with specific goals for these individuals. Students attend small group or individual sessions one to two times a week in our dedicated Literacy Support classroom.