After working closely with educational consultant Lyn Watts, we have developed a whole school approach to the teaching of Mathematics; The 8 Key Factors. These are;

  1. Teach Mathematics as a Language: Talk about Mathematics using Mathematical Vocabulary
  2. Teachers understand and focus on the ‘Big Ideas’
  3. Teach Mathematical concepts using Children’s Literature and ‘Real Life’ Mathematics
  4. Topic based approach: Approximately 3 to 6 weeks per topic (eg; Addition)
  5. Pre and Post-Test Topics to ensure students are taught concepts that meet their individual needs
  6. Teach Automatic Response
  7. Teach the 9 Problem Solving Strategies using the MEPS Problem Solving process
  8. Student Reflections and Evaluation


Mathematics at home

Use some of the questions below to ask your child/ren how the 8 key Factors are being implemented in their classroom.

-Have you read a picture story book in a Maths lesson? What was it about?

-What Maths words have you learnt?

-What Maths topic are you learning about at the moment?

-Are you working on a Maths Investigation? If so, what is it about?

-What strategies do you use for solving addition, multiplication, subtraction or division problems?