LOTE and Music, Dance & Drama


Languages Other Than English (LOTE)  – Indonesian

Selamat Datang (Welcome)

The language program at Mt Eliza Primary School is Indonesian. The program focuses on language and cultural learning with a key emphasis on speaking and listening in the early year levels. The Indonesian classroom provides a colourful learning environment where students engage in a variety of interactive activities including games, singing, role-play, puzzles and storytelling.

Learning to communicate in another language challenges children to discover more about how other people live, and opens their mind up to different cultures and ways of life. This program has the added benefit of not only teaching students a second language and culture, but equally important, providing an opportunity for students to practice higher order thinking skills in a meaningful context. Learning another language fosters students’ ability to think and reflect about the workings of language and to develop mental flexibility and problem-solving strategies. It also increases opportunities to enhance academic abilities and brain development, and strengthen overall literacy.

Across Victorian schools, Indonesian is one of the most widely offered languages, with one in four Government primary schools and one in three secondary colleges offering Indonesian.

Music, Dance & Drama (MDD) Program

Mt Eliza’s MDD program is a vibrant, extensive and highly valued part of our school curriculum, allowing students with an interest in music, dance or drama a wide variety of learning opportunities.

The MDD Program at Mt Eliza is designed to enhance student understanding and enjoyment of the three areas of the Performing Arts – Music, Dance and Drama. This is accomplished by building fundamental skills; including performance skills and audience skills and by enhancing students’ awareness of the diversity of music, dance and drama available to them today throughout the globe. Students at all levels experience the Performing Arts through games, theory and practice. They sing, play instruments, listen and respond, move, create, perform and also learn about the Performing Arts from other times and other cultures.

In Grades 3-6 we continue to build upon the fundamental skills learned in Junior School and incorporate more formal study of music literacy (how to read and write music), dance and drama.  Students in Grade 3 and 4 build their music literacy skills whilst learning to play the recorder and students in Grade 5 learn to play the ukulele. They continue to develop their dance and drama skills, refining each art form.

Mt Eliza Primary School stages a whole school concert, including a senior school production, every second year that involves every student in the school. These high quality productions are performed in front of an audience of over 1500 people over 2 nights at the Frankston Arts Centre. Most importantly, every student in our school gets the opportunity to put on full costume and make-up and be a part of this incredible event.


Mt Eliza Primary School offers a user-pays program in Instrumental Music. These sessions are run for half an hour during the school day and are run in small groups or individually. Steph Born teaches guitar, keyboard, rock band and singing, Concerts are held at the end of the year for parents to attend and individual children also perform at assemblies and in music classes.

Information regarding private tuition is available at the school office.