At Mt Eliza Primary School the students are immersed in rich literacy learning on a daily basis. In Prep, the students participate in Learning Centres enabling them to work in small group situations and develop their independent working capacity. Our sessions are designed to consolidate reading, writing, speaking and listening skills and include an ICT component.

Speaking & Listening

Students engage in everyday discussions, utilising opportunities to share thoughts and ideas to the class and discussing and practising active and effective listening.


Throughout the year we aim to develop the students interest in print, desire to read and appreciation of the value of reading. A variety of approaches and materials are used in the teaching of reading.


Students write daily about familiar experiences and are exposed to a variety of genres through texts and personal experiences. Speaking and listening along with games and explicit instruction are used to build the elements of writing. Weekly writing sessions will allow students to express themselves as writers and develop writing skills.


Students will work with a variety of materials to develop fine motor skills, fluency and control. Correct letter formation will be taught using the Victorian Modern Cursive script.

Phonemic Awareness

Students will learn the 26 graphemes and their most common phoneme along with frequently used consonant blends through a variety of fun, motivating, hands on and engaging activities. Students will use Cued Articulation to support their phonemic development.