Sustainable Schools

Our School is Becoming ResourceSmart

This year our school is taking action to become more environmentally sustainable through a Victorian Government initiative called ResourceSmart AuSSI Vic.

ResourceSmart AuSSI Vic is a program that helps our school embed sustainability in everything we do. We are aiming to reduce our resource use (like electricity and water) plus support indigenous plants and animals. This will also hopefully help us save money. We also want to involve students, families and other members of our school and local community.

In 2014, we received funded support from Sustainability Victoria, the Gould League and Mt Eliza Rotary Club.

We are working with Jane Burns from CERES Environment Park on the actions of the Core and Biodiversity Module. This year, we are aiming to continue to build on our sustainability achievements, monitor our resource use by using a free website called ResourceSmart Online, improve our gardens, get our community involved and participate in exciting events.

We can’t wait to see our gardens grow and contribute to a sustainable future for all.

Read more about ResourceSmart AuSSI Vic at (AuSSI is a national program and stands for the Australian Sustainable Schools Initiative).