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Mt Eliza Primary School is located south-east of Melbourne at the northern end of the Mornington Peninsula and has approximately 640 students. The School comprises 2.5 hectares of attractive gardens in a native tree setting. Excellent sporting facilities include a basketball stadium/hall, external courts and oval. There are extensive playgrounds, adventure playgrounds and passive areas with shade cover.






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This will be a wonderful school community event, with lots of fun things to do with your whole family.


Abby (1500m Bronze Medallist), Tristan ( Long Jump and Triple Jump Gold Medallist) and Merrick ( Long Jump Gold Medallist).


2015 GRADE 5 AND 6


As a school we make it a priority to ensure that we provide the best possible learning opportunities for all our students. We aim to create an engaging learning environment which encourages inquiry and helps prepare our students to become life-long learners.  These were some of the reasons we investigated the possible introduction in 2015, of a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) 1:1 iPad Program in our Grade 5 and 6 level. The process we undertook to assist with our decision making was to consult with all our teaching staff, students and parents. An overview of the program was presented to our whole staff at one of our regular staff meetings and a commitment to the program was given by them. Richard Barren led a Parent Information Session that was made available for all current Grade 4 and 5 parents (approximately 60 parents attended).  At this information session it was made clear that this iPad program would only proceed if 90% of the parent group supported it. To find out the feelings and thoughts of our Grade 4 and 5 parent community, a survey was sent out. In summary, the results of this survey identified:

  1. Over 90 respondents completed the survey;
  2. Over 90% of respondents are happy to have their child involved in this 1:1 iPad program;
  3. 95% of respondents who owned a device, had an iPad device (iPad, iPad Air and/or iPad mini);
  4. 5% of respondents had an Android tablet;
  5. Approximately 60% of the respondents would consider using JB Education Solutions online portal to purchase an iPad.

It was made very clear in the different modes of school communication that if parents did not respond to this survey, we would make the assumption (as a school) that parents were supporting the program. Therefore based on all the consultation that has taken place as a school we will proceed with the implementation of our Grade 5 and 6 BYOD iPad Program in 2015. We know there will be lots of questions and we are available to answer any questions parents or students may have about the program.

As part of the transition process for this program, we ask all 2015 Grade 5 and 6 families (children included), attend an information session in the second week of Term 4. This session will focus on going through the Mt Eliza Primary School iPad Program Parent and Student handbook and our ICT Acceptable Usage policy (outline of acceptable and responsible usage of the iPad when at school). The dates for these sessions will be:

2015 Grade 5 Family iPad Information Session: Tuesday 14th October beginning at 6pm in Grade 5 classrooms

2015 Grade 6 Family iPad Information Session: Thursday 16th October beginning at 6pm in Grade 6 classrooms

We look forward to seeing all families at this important information session at the beginning of Term 4. If you have any questions or queries regarding this program, please contact Mr. Richard Barren at school on: 9787 1385 or via email at barren.richard.j@edumail.vic.gov.au

Thanking you kindly,


Leading Teacher

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Term 1      30th January to 4th April

Term 2      22nd April to 27th June

Term 3      14th July to 19th September

Term 4      6th October to 19th December