Digital Technologies

Mt Eliza Primary School is committed to providing students with skills and experience using a range of digital technologies to enhance and broaden their learning.

A range of technologies are utilised across the school to enhance our teaching and learning programs. We have class sets of school owned iPads that teachers use as part of their classroom programs. In addition to this, our teachers have direct access to netbooks in their classrooms and desktops in our newly formed ICT lab.

In the Grade 5 and 6 area, we have a well established a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) iPad program. This is a 1:1 program, so it provides our teachers and students very easy access to technology. This program enhances our teaching and learning program in these year levels. Teachers and students also have access to class sets of Yoga netbook devices to enhance a range of learning experiences.

2022 Grade 5 & 6 BYOD Program

In 2022, we will continue to implement our Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program in our Grade 5 and 6 area. Attached is a copy of our school’s Digital Technologies Student User Agreement which clearly identifies how students responsibly use their iPads when at school. It states what inappropriate use of the iPad looks like and the consequences based around them.

2022 MEPS BYOD Parent Resources

Attached is a copy of the 2022 MEPS BYOD Parent Handbook. This handbook contains general information about our iPad program.

Included in this handbook is a list of apps that need to be downloaded onto your child’s iPad by the beginning of next year.

Also attached is a copy of the 2021 app list which outlines the apps that need to be downloaded onto the student’s iPad by the beginning of the new school year.

JB Education Solutions Mt Eliza BYOD iPad Portal

To support our 2022 BYOD iPad Program in our Grade 5 and 6 area, we have established an online portal where parents are able to purchase:

Different iPad models
A range of accessories
Different types of insurance
Finance options
Click here to access the portal

Our school code is: MEPS2018

If you have any questions regarding this online portal, please contact Lisa Grgic on 9787 1385

School Wide ICT Policies

Student ICT Acceptable Usage Policy

As a school, we have an ICT Acceptable Usage policy which identifies the ways in which support our families. This policy provides clear guidelines on how students are supported to be responsible when using a range of devices at school. It also provides a clear set of consequences when these guidelines are not followed by students. Mt Eliza Primary School is an accredited eSmart school.


Selamat Datang (Welcome)

The language program at Mt Eliza Primary School is Indonesian. The program focuses on language and cultural learning with a key emphasis on speaking and listening in the early year levels. The Indonesian classroom provides a colourful learning environment where students engage in a variety of interactive activities including games, singing, role-play, puzzles and storytelling.

Learning to communicate in another language challenges children to discover more about how other people live, and opens their mind up to different cultures and ways of life. This program has the added benefit of not only teaching students a second language and culture, but equally important, providing an opportunity for students to practice higher order thinking skills in a meaningful context. Learning another language fosters students’ ability to think and reflect about the workings of language and to develop mental flexibility and problem-solving strategies. It also increases opportunities to enhance academic abilities and brain development and strengthen overall literacy.

Across Victorian schools, Indonesian is one of the most widely offered languages, with one in four Government primary schools and one in three secondary colleges offering Indonesian.

Kitchen Garden & Recipes

Mt Eliza Primary School is one of over 500 primary schools across Australia that incorporates the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program into the curriculum. Since 2009, Mt Eliza Primary School has embraced the Foundations philosophy of ‘Growing, Harvesting, Preparing and Sharing.’ It aims to give our children the capability and experience to grow their own foods and the skills and desire to create healthy and delicious meals from fresh seasonal produce.
Our school has established vegetable gardens and a beautiful purpose built school kitchen and dining area specifically designed for the Kitchen Garden Program. All students from grades three, four, five and six participate in weekly cooking and gardening sessions for one term in the kitchen and garden each year. Over four years they are able to experience the different seasons and subsequent changes to the garden, reflecting in the types of produce that then is used in the cooking classes. Involvement by students over this period reinforces the skills, techniques and philosophies of the Program which is further built upon in future years. 

The Program is a holistic approach to learning in a safe and unpressured environment. Core curriculum subjects such as mathematics, science, reading and comprehension are naturally occurring in kitchen and garden ‘classroom.’ The positive nature of the program gives every child the opportunity to shine and results in students developing new confidence, skills and independence. In many cases this translates in positive changes at home too. The students are very proud of the delicious meals that they create and many previous dislikes become likes as a result! Children develop an understanding and appreciation of healthy food choices and their origins, and learn how it impacts directly on both their short and long term health.

Volunteers are integral to the success of all classes and parent and community participation is welcomed in the kitchen and garden. We actively seek and encourage community partnerships to help support us and we look forward to hearing from any business wishing to become involved with the Mt Eliza Primary School Kitchen Garden Program.


CAFÉ Reading at MEPS

At MEPS we use CAFÉ Reading. CAFE is an acronym that organises the four major components of reading:

C for Comprehension – understanding the meaning of a text and linking it to what is already known
A for Accuracy – decoding or reading words correctly
F for Fluency – reading accurately, smoothly and with expression
E for Expanding Vocabulary – noticing, understanding and using new and interesting words

Your child will learn reading strategies within each category. These strategies will become tools they apply to help them become better readers.

Once children have built their reading stamina (the ability to read for a sustained period of time eg; 15 minutes), they will work on CAFÉ strategies as they regularly engage in these research-based modes of reading:

  • Read to self
  • Listen to reading
  • Read to someone

While students are engaged in these tasks, their teacher will be working with small groups and individuals, so everyone can get the targeted instruction they need to reach their full reading potential.

VOICES Writing at MEPS

Our writing program focuses on specific writing traits.

VOICES is the acronym for six traits that lead to success in writing:

V for Voice – the personal tone and flavour of the author’s message

O for Organisation – the structure of the piece

I for Ideas – the main message

C for Conventions – the mechanics of writing such as spelling, punctuation and grammar

E for Excellent Word Choice – the wonderful vocabulary a writer chooses to convey meaning

S for Sentence fluency – the rhythm and flow of the language

Traditionally, writing programs have focused upon organisation and conventions (you may recall this from your own schooling). It is now recognised that in order to produce great writing students must explicitly learn all six writing traits. At MEPS we will learn and practise VOICES through a range of writing genres (including narrative, persuasive, recount, poetry, explanation and information report).

Spelling at MEPS

In 2019 staff at MEPS completed an extensive investigation into spelling at our school. The Literacy Team then researched evidence-based spelling practices and visited several schools. We have also been fortunate enough to have a small number of our teachers complete training in Multi-Sensory Learning (MSL), a phonics-based approach that has had widespread success in other schools.

This year at MEPS we have begun to implement a systematic and structured phonics-based approach aimed at benefiting all areas of literacy, including spelling. This involves explicit instruction in phonics, spelling rules and morphology (word meanings). Teachers assess students to identify their current needs, then combine this information with our scope and sequence to teach skills at an appropriate developmental level. Our MSL-inspired approach requires students to practise and apply skills and knowledge in multiple ways – using visual (sight), auditory (hearing) and kinaesthetic (touch/movement) cues – to aid memory and learning.

Our spelling approach incorporates the following elements:

  • Sound pack: a collection of letter/s that represent specific sounds (phonemes)
  • Red flag words: words that cannot be sounded out as they do not follow the rules of phonetics
  • New skill sessions (focused on phonics, spelling rules, morphology or etymology)
  • Ongoing review of skills
  • Dictation as ongoing assessment
  • Handwriting – including letter/sound matches.

If you have any questions regarding Literacy at MEPS please contact Michelle Polley, our Literacy Leader.

Literacy Support

At Mt Eliza Primary School we are proud to run a Literacy Support program by an expert classroom teacher. Students can access this program if they are more than a year behind in reading or writing or if the student is diagnosed with dyslexia and it impacts their learning significantly. The program is designed to provide extra assistance to students to improve their reading and writing skills. Classroom teachers work in conjunction with the Literacy Support teacher to develop individual learning plans with specific goals for these individuals. Students attend small group or individual sessions one to two times a week in our dedicated Literacy Support classroom.

Music, Dance & Drama

Mt Eliza’s MDD program is a vibrant, extensive and highly valued part of our school curriculum, allowing students with an interest in music, dance or drama a wide variety of learning opportunities.

The MDD Program at Mt Eliza is designed to enhance student understanding and enjoyment of the three areas of the Performing Arts – Music, Dance and Drama. This is accomplished by building fundamental skills during Grades Prep – 2; including performance skills and audience skills and by enhancing students’ awareness of the diversity of music, dance and drama available to them today throughout the globe. Students at all levels experience the Performing Arts through games, theory and practice. They sing, play instruments, listen and respond, move, create, perform and also learn about the Performing Arts from other times and other cultures.

In Grades 3-6 we continue to build upon the fundamental skills learned in Junior School and incorporate more formal study of music literacy (how to read and write music), dance and drama. Students in Grade 3 and 4 build their music literacy skills whilst learning to play the recorder and students in Grade 5 learn to play the ukulele. They continue to develop their dance and drama skills, refining each art form.

Mt Eliza Primary School stages a whole school concert, including a senior school production, every second year that involves every student in the school. These high quality productions are performed in front of an audience of over 1500 people over 2 nights at the Frankston Arts Centre. Most importantly, every student in our school gets the opportunity to put on full costume and make-up and be a part of this incredible event.


After working closely with educational consultant Lyn Watts, we have developed a whole school approach to the teaching of Mathematics; The 8 Key Factors. These are;

  1. Teach Mathematics as a Language: Talk about Mathematics using Mathematical Vocabulary
  2. Teachers understand and focus on the ‘Big Ideas’
  3. Teach Mathematical concepts using Children’s Literature and ‘Real Life’ Mathematics
  4. Topic based approach: Approximately 3 to 6 weeks per topic (eg; Addition)
  5. Pre and Post-Test Topics to ensure students are taught concepts that meet their individual needs
  6. Teach Automatic Response
  7. Teach the 9 Problem Solving Strategies using the MEPS Problem Solving process
  8. Student Reflections and Evaluation

Mathematics at home

Use some of the questions below to ask your child/ren how the 8 key Factors are being implemented in their classroom.

-Have you read a picture story book in a Maths lesson? What was it about?

-What Maths words have you learnt?

-What Maths topic are you learning about at the moment?

-Are you working on a Maths Investigation? If so, what is it about?

-What strategies do you use for solving addition, multiplication, subtraction or division problems?

Physical Education

At Mt Eliza Primary School Physical Education is a Specialist program with children attending one hour weekly sessions.

Students are involved in minor games and practise skills using a variety of equipment. Students practise Fundamental Motor Skills such as kicking, throwing, running and catching. They also participate in a variety of fitness activities throughout the year.

We also discuss the importance of healthy eating habits through discussing breakfast, play lunch and lunches.

Mt Eliza PS holds a Jogging Club every Wednesday from 8am during the months of April to October to encourage children to develop their fitness. We also participate in inter-school sports within the Mt Eliza District and other fun days such as basketball round robins, Jump Rope For Heart days and Footy days.


Resilience, Rights and Respectful Relationships (RRRR) is a government initiative that supports schools to promote and model respect, positive attitudes and behaviours. Respectful Relationships is about embedding a culture of respect and equality across our entire community, from our classrooms to staffrooms, sporting fields, fetes and social events. This approach leads to positive impacts on student’s academic outcomes, their mental health, classroom behaviour, and relationships between teachers and students.


The specialist Science program at Mt Eliza Primary School caters for students in Years 3-6. This program creates opportunities for students to develop their understanding of important scientific concepts and processes, the practices used to develop scientific knowledge, the contribution of science to our culture and society and its applications in our lives.

Students participate in a broad range of hands on learning activities designed to develop these understandings as well as their enthusiasm for science.

Students attend specialist Science lessons for an hour every week. Every second year, we hold a Science Family Night/Expo where the school community are invited to share in the fun and celebration of our scientific investigations throughout the year.

Visual Art

The Visual Art program at Mt Eliza Primary School is designed to encourage and challenge students to achieve their artistic potential in an enjoyable and supportive environment. Students develop their creativity and imagination as well as refining their practical and fine motor skills. They learn to make choices when experimenting with materials, tools and techniques.

Throughout their time at Mt Eliza Primary School students will get the opportunity to explore a wide variety of different art mediums such as drawing, painting, printmaking, collage, clay, sculpture, construction and textiles. Students learn to communicate through their art, respond to the artworks of others and gain appreciation from well known artists.

Students attend one 1 hour session of Art a week with their class. The Art Room at MEPS is a wonderful place of creativity and exploration. It is a spacious, well equipped and inspiring learning environment.

The artworks produced by our talented students are celebrated and displayed around the school and in our classrooms.